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Basmari Rice

Our extra long grain of Rice meets all criteria of being called an original Basmati Rice.

•Fine Aroma

•Grown in Punjab, India with natural temperature and essential moist soil required to grow Basmati Rice.

•Perfect size of 6.61 to 7.5 MM.

•Height is more than 3 times of the width

•Height increases by 2 times after cooking.

Sona Musoorie Rice

Owing to its extra-nutritious and unique qualities, this type of Indian rice has some essential features like:

•This type of rice is extremely light in weight and has very less starch content.

•Easy to digest.

•It is best for weight loss and people use it for daily consumption due to its soft texture and distinct flavor.

•Can help in preparing delicacies like fried rice, porridge, biryani, idlis, and Pongal.

Ponni Rice

Ponni Rice is mainly used for making cooking rice, noodles, desserts and sweets. Boiled Rice is a regular ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine and is used in many rotis(Indian Breads) and desserts such as phitha (steamed rice cakes).

Benefits of consuming Ponni Rice

•High fiber

•Gluten free

•Low glycemic index, thereby lowering the impact of raised blood sugar

•Lowers cholesterol


Our sugar is crystal clear and is known to be sweeter and healthier than many other sugar grades. USP of our Sugar Grades is being freshly milled, packed and shipped making them retain their natural elements intact.


Pulses provide protein and fibre, as well as a significant source of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium, and consuming half a cup of beans or peas per day can enhance diet quality by increasing intakes of these nutrients

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